UK Mail Forwarding
About Skypax
Skypax services provide international consumers access to shop the UK and have their products shipped to any destination Worldwide.
Many UK stores will not ship to people outside the UK or do not accept international credit cards.
Skypax solves this problem. We can forward or even purchase items for you from UK retailers or eBay  and have them delivered directly to your home.

UK Mail Forwarding
UK Mail Forwarding


   1. Get your own Skypax UK street address

   2. Shop any online store in the UK using your Skypax address
       as your delivery Address.

   3. Skypax receive and forward your packages anywhere Worldwide
UK Mail Forwarding
UK Mail Forwarding


  1. Tell us who you wish to buy from and what you would like us to
       purchase for you.

  2. A Skypax Concierge specialist will place the order for you online
      or even in person from any London based store or boutique.

  3. Upon receipt we carefully package and deliver to you anywhere
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UK Mail Forwarding

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UK Mail ForwardingUK Mail ForwardingUK Mail ForwardingUK Mail Forwarding
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