As the end of 2018 approaches, we're taking a moment to read up on all the new tech gadgets out before Christmas. There are some great deals too.

1. Magnetic Levitation Floating Holder Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.24.03 PM

This might be a high-tech gadget that you are looking for. Characterized by magnetic levitation, the tool is quite eye-catching. This awesome novelty can be used to present an important merchandise, your favorite model or souvenir or plant, a nice decoration and etc.

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2. Bose Sleepbuds


Bose didn't try to make the Swiss Army Knife of earbuds with its new Sleepbuds. These are designed for sleep and sleep alone. They fit snuggly into your ears, blocking excess and playing calming tones instead. These tones, like ocean waves and falling rain, overpower frequencies from common annoyances like traffic and partner snoring. You can't play music through them, but that's a good thing. Let sound tech get you a good night's sleep.

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3. Fitbit Versa Watch

fitbit-versa-1531768772Live your best life with Fitbit Versa—a health & fitness smartwatch that lasts 4+ days and features 24/7 heart rate, phone-free music, apps, coaching & more.

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4. HTC Vive Pro VR Headset 

vive-pro-vr-headset-1531768772For a lot of us, VR hasn't yet infiltrated our lives. But if you're already plugged into the virtual reality gaming world, HTC's Vive Pro headset just might be the best experience your money can buy. The graphics are spectacular, and it tracks even your slightest movement. It's comfy, too.

$779 at

5. The iPhone XS

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 1.34.10 PM

Super Retina in two sizes — including the largest display ever on an iPhone. Even faster Face ID. The smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone. And a breakthrough dual-camera system. iPhone XS is everything you love about iPhone. Taken to the extreme.

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