What Are "Dangerous Goods" and Can I Ship Them?
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Posted on 19th October, 2015

What Items Are Considered "Dangerous Goods"?

Dangerous Goods are hazardous items that pose a danger during transportation. Typically items that are explosive, flammable, oxidizing, toxic and infectious, radioactive, corrosive or gases, will be Dangerous Goods.

However, you may be surprised that some common household items which you use everyday may be classified as Dangerous Goods.
  • Did you know that perfume, nail polish, and paint are usually flammable?
  • Or that aerosols such as hairspray, deodorant, spray paint are also flammable?
  • Even a fire extinguisher containing compressed gas is hazardous.
  • Doing home improvements? Products like grout and adhesives can be Dangerous
  • And think about your electronic devices such as phones, laptops and iPods that contain Lithium Ion batteries, which are also Dangerous Goods
We all use these products in our daily lives and they are usually safe to use, but they pose hazards when transporting them and so we have to ensure they are shipped safely.

Products bearing these consumer warning markings will be considered Dangerous Goods for shipping.

Consumer Warning Markings

Can I Ship Dangerous Goods Internationally?

Yes many of these items can be shipped internationally, however they are subject to special requirements and restrictions.

Many freight forwarding and international shipping companies do not offer this service, but we know you love to buy perfumes and cosmetics from British  retailers and boutique beauty companies and we want to make this possible for you!

Skypax has been shipping Dangerous Goods for our customers since 2013. We have shipped everything from perfumes and nail polish to fire extinguishers and lithium-ion batteries.

Our Dangerous Goods team are highly knowledgable and fully trained and certified to identify, classify, pack, label, and handle Dangerous Goods.

If you're not sure whether you can ship an item that's been deemed hazardous, just ask the Skypax Support Team who will be happy to advise you.



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