8 Creative Gifts for Everyone This Valentine’s Day and Beyond
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Posted on 8th February, 2016


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably thinking of what to get your significant other. If you’re single or don’t celebrate the holiday, don’t think you can’t spoil someone else that you love too – such as your parents or galentine! ;) Though cheesy, it’s true when they say that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated more than just one day a year. So if you happen to miss giving your loved one a gift on the day of Valentine’s Day, it’s never too late to send them a little something.

Whether you have a special guy or gal in your life, there are many different types of gifts that your sweetheart will love. Think outside the box and consider what they enjoy doing – perhaps thinking of a hobby you love doing together or something you could do together will get you started.

Here’s a list of 10 items that both guys and girls will love. You can thank us later!
  1. Sports accessories to enjoy a hobby together
From men’s sports apparel to women’s sports accessories, Zalando offers a little bit of everything. Remember how we were talking about having fun with your significant other and purchasing items that’ll encourage you to enjoy hobbies together? Well, if you both love to go on a run together in the early mornings before work, consider getting him or her a new tracksuit top and bottoms. You may even want to consider purchasing a pair of shoes, by adidas, for example!


Where to buy it: Zalando

  1. Suitcases and luggage for a grand escape
Get creative and buy your significant other a suitcase and then stick two plane tickets inside or a potential itinerary of where you’d like to take her. On House of Fraser, you can choose from leading luggage brands such as Antler, Samsonite and other brands to find a suitcase to suit your needs (and your surprise)!


Where to buy it: House of Fraser

  1. Creatively redecorate your home together
If you’re in need of a home makeover, why not go shopping online and decide on a few items together? That way you both can purchase items you both like and you can also decide on the colors and style. Colored cotton curtains are one option as is a new duvet color that has the type of pattern and style you both like and agree on.


Where to buy it: La Redoute

  1. New spring time clothing for the kiddos
You may be the type of family who likes to involve their kids on Valentine’s Day, and if you are, that’s so sweet! If your children are at the age where they like receiving new and cool clothing, new graphic tees might be the ticket. Find an outer space graphic tee for a little boy and a graphic legging top that my have a dolphin, flamingo, or even a butterfly on the front of it and bring a smile or two to your kids’ faces!


Where to buy it: Lands’ End

  1. A date night dress will make her feel adored
If you really want to woo the woman you love, consider buying her a date dress and then, of course, taking her out on a date so she can show it off! Better yet, if you know her size and style give her the dress and then attach a note saying to get dressed because you are taking her somewhere special! Guaranteed she’ll be swept off her feet with this type of romantic gift.


Where to buy it: New Look

  1. A new set of golf clubs… for the husband who golfs
Your husband may be a golfer, which makes it easy for you to find him the perfect V-Day gift. Knock his gift out of the golfing course with a new stand bag, golf clubs, speed driver, or golf gloves – or perhaps all of the above! If your hubby is an avid golfer, there’s no reason he wouldn’t enjoy a gift like this!


Where to buy it: Online Golf

  1. Wow a loved one with a new computer
Perhaps your significant other or child just suffered major computer issues and now needs a new PC or laptop. Check out PCWorld and find a laptop that’s on sale and that will suit your loved one’s needs. While you’re on the site, you can score great deals on other technology accessories such as a Jawbone activity tracker or the latest and greatest iPad.


Where to buy it: PCWorld

  1. Buy name brand clothing and accessories to wow and impress on V-Day
Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the gift, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your lover, now does it? Who knows – if you know a few of his favorite brands he may love opening up a Michael Kors sweatshirt or Polo Ralph Lauren leather gloves. He’ll look beyond dapper when heading into work for the day!


From everyone here at Skypax, we’d like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy spoiling your loved ones creating new sweet memories!


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